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Benefits of Life Insurance

Unexpected things in life happen all of the time. No one knows when their time will end. Preparing for life after you’re gone is an essential part of protecting and preparing your family. At Mortgage Protection Center, we offer a variety of insurance options to suit multiple needs and situations you may encounter.

It’s important to prepare for the unexpected the best you can. Buying insurance not only ensures coverage should something happen, but it grants you and your family financial peace of mind.

Overall benefits of the insurance types that Mortgage Protection Center offers include the obvious: financial protection should something happen, and peace of mind knowing that your family will have what they need, monetarily.

Mortgage Protection Center offers mortgage protection insurance, mortgage disability insurance, tax-free retirement (index universal life), spouse life insurance and term life insurance.

Mortgage protection insurance pays off outstanding debt in the event of your death, pays your house payments if you are injured or ill, pays premium payments if you lose your job, allows early pay-outs for critical illnesses, and refunds 100 percent of your premiums if your benefits aren’t used by the end of your program term. Mortgage disability insurance pays your monthly mortgage payment if you have a debilitating injury or illness, to ensure that you will not lose your home. This allows you to worry about getting better, not making your mortgage payment!

Tax-free retirement provides a way for retirees to receive their income without being taxed. You can start saving for your tax-free income through index universal life insurance – a permanent policy with a living benefit. This is a form of life insurance that gives you access to your funds, while also protecting your loved ones’ financial future. Spouse life insurance protects your family in the event of your spouse’s death, assists with monthly expenses, provides cash benefits while you are still alive, and offers terminal illness protection. Term life insurance ensures your family will be able to maintain their lifestyle without financial burden in the event of your death. This prevents your family from losing their home, allows them to pay outstanding debts, and covers final and medical costs.

All of these insurance types serve and separate and important purpose – don’t overlook your need for insurance. Fill out the form for your free quote today and take the first step to protecting your family!

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