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American Equity

American Equity

American Equity Investment Life Holding Company was founded in 1995 with the business plan of “People, Service, Future.” The American Equity goal is to focus on two things: great customer service and sleep insurance. Sleep insurance is a nickname for the secure and predictable insurance return that you cannot outlive – you can rest assured, knowing that your money is safe and protected with AE.

Remaining one of few United States owned and operated insurance carriers, American Equity ensures that all profits remain on U.S. soil, helping our nation’s economy to continue to improve and grow.

With superior service, safety and integrity, American Equity was given an A- (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best, the leading insurance company evaluator.

Through insurance carriers like this one, Mortgage Protection Center is able to offer a variety of life insurance options for agents to sell and clients to buy. With a range of clientele, budgets and needs, Mortgage Protection Center is able to offer an affordable option for everyone.

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