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Columbian Financial Group

At Mortgage Protection Center, we partner with Columbian Financial Group, part of Columbian Mutual Life, a provider of insurance for more than 125 years. By partnering with Columbian Financial Group (CFG) and other insurance carriers, we feel we are able to offer our clients more coverage options than would typically be available if sought through just one insurance carrier.

We have highlighted some of the Columbian Financial Group products we offer to share a little more about what CFG products are available to you through Mortgage Protection Center.

Columbian Financial Group EnsurEstate® Single Premium Whole Life

EnsurEstate® is CFG’s participating single premium whole life insurance. By investing in this coverage, CFG ensures that your:

In addition to these benefits, Columbian Financial Group also offers a Travel Accidental Death Benefit that pays an additional benefit, equal to the amount of the policy (up to $250,000) if your death occurs after you have paid your fare on a public transportation system.

With CFG, you are also able to request early payment of your death benefit if you are diagnosed with an illness that leaves you with 12 months or less to live (24 months where required) through the Accelerated Benefit Terminal Condition Rider. With Columbian Financial Group, you are also able to access your death benefit if you are chronically ill and require home health care or are put in a nursing home, through the Accelerated Benefit Nursing Facility and Extended Care Rider. The Additional Death Benefit Rider offers supplementary benefit equal to the face amount of the policy for the occurrence of an accidental death.

Columbian Financial Group Dignified Choice® Final Expense Insurance

Dignified Choice® is a classic life insurance plan that offers a simple way to relieve your family of the stress of funding your final expenses. By planning ahead for your final expenses – including funeral and burial costs, medical bills and other outstanding debt – you will be saving your family from financial burdens you could potentially leave them. At CFG, a simple phone call is all it takes to ensure that your family is protected from the burden of your final expenses.

Dignified Choice® through Columbian Financial Group offers a variety of benefits:

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