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Foresters Term Life Insurance

Foresters Term Life Insurance

At Mortgage Protection Center, we partner with a fraternal insurance company, Foresters, and we offer three of their term life choices for your advantage. By partnering with Foresters and other insurance carriers, we are able to offer our clients more options than would traditionally be available through one insurance company.

Foresters Advantage Plus Whole Life

Foresters Advantage Plus Whole Life provides a lifetime of protection for you for as long as you pay your premiums. Foresters Advantage Plus Whole Life may also pay dividends because it is participating life insurance. With Foresters, dividends can be left on deposit to earn interest at a guaranteed rate, or can be used to purchase Paid-Up Additions. Dividends and accumulated interest can be paid to you in cash or can be used to reduce your premium. There is a guaranteed cash value with this Foresters product that you can borrow from during your lifetime. It’s important to remember that things like interest and outstanding loans will be deducted from your death benefit.

Foresters PlanRight Whole Life

Foresters PlanRight consists of three different plans that are matched to your needs and your budget. One of the Foresters PlanRight plans provides an immediate full death benefit, and the other two Foresters PlanRight plans provide a limited death benefit during the first two years. When you fill out your application, your answers to the questions will determine which of the three PlanRight plans is right for you. Foresters PlanRight premiums are always level and guaranteed, so that you will know your premiums will stay the same for as long as you keep your coverage. As long as your coverage is in effect, your death benefit will never be canceled because of changes in your health, as long as you continue to pay your premiums.

Foresters Strong Foundation Level Term Life

Foresters Strong Foundation level term life insurance protects your family in the event of your death, ensuring they will be able to maintain their financial responsibilities. This plan is available in 10, 15 and 20 year terms, allowing you to select the plan that best suits your needs. For the initial term, your premiums are guaranteed level, keeping your premium cost consistent during your first term. With Foresters, you can assure that your premium will never go up in the duration of your first term.

There’s more with Foresters:

In addition to these great coverage options, Foresters has a reliable help desk resource for its members. Members are able to call a representative directly, avoiding a time-consuming automated call system. Forests help desk is there to answer any questions members and potential members may have.

Members are also eligible for a variety of Foresters member-only benefits – these will be explained in more detail by your agent or Foresters representative.

Whichever term life option you choose, feel assured that you are taking an important step to protecting your family’s financial future for after you are gone. If you are considering term life insurance, ask yourself how your family would get by without your financial support. Would they be able to pay the bills? Keep their home? Have food? Would your children be able to go to college? These are important questions to consider, and term life insurance ensures that your family will be protected.

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