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At Mortgage Protection Center, we partner with Monumental to provide clients with a wide range of coverage options to meet their needs. By working with Monumental Life and other insurance carriers, we are able to offer more coverage options for our agents to sell and our clients to have. Unlike other insurance carriers, at Mortgage Protection Center, we are able to offer products from Monumental and other insurance carriers. Some of the Monumental coverage options we offer at Mortgage Protection Center include final expense and index universal life.

The final expense coverage available through Monumental includes guaranteed level premiums to age 99, with full coverage starting as soon as the day of the policy issue. There is a level death benefit, with premiums that do not increase with age. The policy with Monumental will not be canceled as long as you make payments.

The index universal life insurance offered through Monumental provides life insurance coverage for the insured’s family, so that expenses like housing, transportation and child care are still affordable after the insured is lost. With Monumental’s IUL, there are the following benefits: tax-free death benefit, tax-deferred earnings, tax-free loans, tax-free transfers, flexible premium payments and no-lapse guarantee. With index universal life, there are guaranteed minimum interest rates and no exposure to market declines.

Having this coverage for your family is a priceless gift. Your family will have access to the funds they need after you are gone, and you will have peace of mind, knowing that no matter what, your family will have access to the things they need. Take time today to ensure that your family has this safety net by protecting your family’s financial future. You will be able to provide the support they need when they need it most, continuing to show your love even after you are gone. Don’t wait – learn more today and get your coverage.

The Monumental products we offer may suit your needs and your budget to perfection. For more information about these products and to get your free quote, fill out the form or call today! Monumental may have the perfect coverage for your budget and coverage needs, and one of our agents will be glad to help you find the best plan for your family.

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