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Final Expense Insurance
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Final Expense Insurance

Many people are unaware of how costly final expenses can be for their families. Most people don’t think about how their families will be affected financially by their death, but the financial effects of your death are important to consider.

Average funerals can cost as much as $30,000, putting the ordinary American family in a financial bind. If your family is not financially prepared for such a huge expense, it can cause them to go into extreme debt or potentially be unable to pay for your funeral. Depending on your debt and other costs, your family could be heavily burdened by your final expenses.

Final expense insurance allows you the chance to make sure your final expenses are taken care of before you pass away. This ensures that your family will not be financially burdened by your death. With final expense insurance, your funeral and burial expenses will be covered, in addition to outstanding debts and medical bills.

Investing in final expense insurance will allow your family to grieve your death instead of worrying about financial stresses. For more information about final expense insurance and to get your free quote, fill out the form or call today.

Final Expense Calculator

Some amounts have been prefilled with the average costs in America; however, you can change the amounts to match the costs of funeral homes near you. Keeping your family covered for this major life event will help them in their time of need.

Funeral Services
Service costs for funeral home director and staff: $
Cost of embalming: $
Clothing, makeup, and other preparations of the body: $
Total professional services cost:
Facilities & Other Services
Facility for viewing and funeral service: $
Graveside services: $
Total facilities & other service cost:
Cost to move body to funeral home: $
Cost of hearse rental: $
Cost of limousine rental: $
Total amount of transportation cost:
Casket or Cremation Urn: $
Grave plot and burial or columbarium niche: $
Monument, memorial plaque or grave marker: $
Obituary, death certificates, and memorial brochures: $
Total amount of merchandise cost:
Additional Expenses:
Burial clothing: $
Flowers and other decorations: $
Food and drink for guests: $
Cost of travel and accommodations: $
Other expenses: $
Total of other expenses:
Estimated amount of life insurance needed:

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