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Life Insurance for Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder
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Term Life for Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder

Do you or a loved one suffer from depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder? These are very common conditions among Americans, and many do not realize that life insurance is available for people with these conditions.

Term life insurance coverage allows individuals to purchase coverage to protect their families should the insured pass away. With this coverage, you can ensure that your family will always be able to have life's necessities. If you pass away and have this coverage, your family will still have money to pay for things like the mortgage payment, groceries, car payments and expenses like college. Without this coverage and if you passed unexpectedly, your family could lose access to all of these things. Taking time to plan ahead could mean the difference between your loved ones keeping the home you all shared together and your loved ones losing their home and not having a place to live.

If you are a provider for your family, term life insurance will replace your missing income and fund any household services you may have provided, including things like child care, house cleaning and yard work. Planning ahead will make the transition to life without you easier for your family, removing the bulk of the financial stress they could incur without your support.

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